Frequently asked questions

How can I contact a Sales Specialist?

We welcome you to contact us directly Toll Free at (800) 351-6438. Select Option 1 to reach our Sales Department and speak with a transportation specialist. 

What is GLD Systems, Inc.'s background?

Since 1990, our team of professionals has gained expertise in the transportation and logistics industry. Our firm is renowned as one of the industries leading provider in transportation solutions.  

As a firm we strongly believe in building long term partnerships to achieve safety, quality and productivity goals at its upmost top priority exceeding customers’ expectations.  


Our safety department outsourcing options cost significantly less than keeping the function in-house. You will also be backed up by a team of specialists for the same cost. 

Are your services offered with a contract?

All of our services are non-contract and may be cancelled at any time. This is part of our satisfaction guaranteed commitment. However, we commit ourselves in the success of your business while achieving your expectations in the process. 


How quickly can your company get into compliance? How quickly can you lower CSA scoring?

Joining on of our "Shared Safety Department" program for either administrating or managing you can achieve proven results for compliance in 30-90 days. You will begin to see a lower CSA scoring within 120 days. 

Is GLD Systems, Inc. available after business hours?

We strive ourselves on effective communication and resolutions by providing 24 hours service to our clients 365 days a year. 

Can GLD Systems, Inc. help write a D&A and company policy?

Absolutely! We will develop a complete  company policy specifically geared towards your business practices. We also will incorporate any or all of your specific company requirements. 

Does GLD Systems, Inc. handle FMCSA safety audits?

GLD Systems, Inc. will represent your company during DOT safety audit events by coordinating and handling at our offices without presenting a disruption to your business. This service keeps DOT auditors in a controlled and limited environment. We eliminate the hassle of having to remember or worry. Under the GLD Systems program, we ensure you meet all DOT audit requirements.  

Can we help us prevent a FMCSA intervention?

GLD Systems, Inc. will evaluate your current Safety & Compliance practices and immediately address arising issues and correcting. This will begin to place your company on the safe zone for possible FMCSA interventions.  


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