Safety & Compliance Services

Sector 1A – Driver Qualification Files (DQF)

GLD Systems, Inc. ensures that you are in compliance by establishing and maintaining Driver Qualification Files (DQF) for the company. Under the GLD Systems program, once you decide to hire a driver, we make sure that all of the *required documentation to support the driver’s qualification is obtained and current.

Sector 1B – Alcohol & Drug Program (A&D)

GLD Systems, Inc. ensures that you are in compliance by administering the drug and alcohol testing programs for the company. We make sure that all of the *required documentation is obtained and recorded.

Sector 1C – Hours of Service (HOS)

GLD Systems, Inc. audits and monitors all driver logs / time records for the company. Under our program, we will not only audit all logs submitted by the company but also provide monthly management reports.

Sector 1D – Training & Driver Disciplinary Action Program (DDAP)

GLD Systems, Inc. understand proper training matters, one of the great ironies about safety training is that when you do your job right, nothing happens. When you train to improve safety, accidents don’t happen. We hear from many training and safety people that they spend too much time on day-to-day problems, and not nearly enough solving strategic and emerging issues.

Sector 1E – Auditing Records

GLD Systems, Inc. performs all DOT *required filings automatically for the company. Additionally, GLD Systems will represent your company during DOT audit events by coordinating and handling at our offices without presenting a disruption to your business. This service keeps DOT auditors in a controlled and limited environment. We eliminate the hassle of having to remember or worry. Under the GLD Systems program, we ensure you meet all DOT audit requirements.

Sector 1F – Preventative Maintenance Program (PM)

GLD Systems, Inc. ensures your (PM) department is in compliant and meets *requirements with regulations. GLD Systems supports certain maintenance, inspection, and repair functions for the company.

Sector 1G – Permits & Quarterly Filing

GLD Systems, Inc. handles all *required permits and quarterly filings under our “Shared Safety Department” program.

Sector 1H – Insurance Updating and Monitoring

GLD Systems, Inc. will monitor and update FH and/or units to your policy and keep your equipment inventory list Up-To-Date to reduce your insurance premium.

And More…

GLD Systems, Inc. services are not limited to our services published. Please contact one of our experienced specialists to have a full scoop on how we can further assist you.